The new Nebraska flag was designed around deep symbolism that captures the history of the state, while providing citizens with a hopeful outlook on the future. Read more about the specific meaning behind the flag below.


The navy blue background is a nod to the old Nebraska flag; it represents Nebraskans' hardworking nature, and the pride we have in our home state.


Gold represents the states' rich natural resources and the wealth they bring. The circle is reminiscent of the setting sun in the wide open Nebraska sky. It also pays homage to the gold seal of the old flag.


The name 'Nebraska' comes from an Otoe Indian word meaning 'flat water.' This shape symbolizes water in the form of rivers, lakes, and the Ogallala aquifer; it also represents the fertile soil that is the foundation of Nebraska's agricultural history.


Arbor Day, founded in Nebraska in 1872, saw the planting of over one million trees throughout the state - trees that would provide shade, windbreak, and building materials. This tree, sprouting from the plains, represents the growth of Nebraska, and inspires hope for the future.


All of the symbolism comes together in one cohesive design. Learn how you can make this Nebraska flag a reality here.